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How I Spent My Weekend Essay In Spanish

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Pablo: ¿Qué tal el fin de semana?
How was your weekend?

Andrea: Muy cansador.
Very tiring.

Pablo: ¿Por qué?

Andrea: El viernes fui a una fiesta y bailé mucho.
Friday, I went to a party and I danced a lot.

Pablo: ¿Y el sábado?
And Saturday?

Andrea: Hice ejercicios en la mañana, limpié la casa y fui de compras.
I exercised in the morning, cleaned the house and went shopping.

Pablo: ¿Descansaste el domingo?
Did you rest on Sunday?

Andrea: No, fui a la iglesia, y en la tarde visité a mis primos. ¿Y tú?
No, I went to church and in the afternoon I visited my cousins. And you?

Pablo: Yo vi televisión todo el fin de semana.
I watched TV all weekend.



Read the paragraph below and notice the verbs in past tense. They are in bold for you.

“I had a great weekend! On Saturday I slept late and then went out for dinner with some friends. We had a really good time. On Sunday I went shopping in the morning for groceries. In the evening I went to see the ‘Vivid’ light show. It was really beautiful. Here is a picture of what we saw:

The weekend was a long weekend, because Monday was holiday for the Queen’s birthday. I went for a drive to see a waterfall. It started to rain, but we walked from the car to see the waterfall anyway.”

How about you? What did you do last weekend?

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