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Pushplata Tripathi Ignou Assignments

Recently I obtained the original grade card and provisional certificate from IGNOU for (A&F). Here, is the procedure.

After submitting assignments and writing TEE, you need to submit the  self attested copies of following documents along with a handwritten application clearly stating your details especially address

to (i) The Director, School of Management studies, IGNOU and

(ii) The Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU

The documents are

1. CPT / PE-1 marksheet and certificate

2. PCC/ IPCC marksheet and certificate

3. CCT / ITT completion certificate

4. Articles completion certificate

After submitting the application you will receive original grade card and provisional certificate after 2 months from the date of receipt of application by them

They will send the original grade card and provisional certificate, only through post. They will not give you by hand.


You may write to the following officials for issue of Original Provisional Certificate and Grade Card.  But you need to send the scan copies of the above mentioned documents to them though mail

Madhu Tyagi <mtyagi @>,
 Nawal Kishor <nkishor @>,
 Director Office SOMS <directoroffice.soms @>,
 pushplata tripathi <ptripathi @>,
 "N.P. singh" <npsingh @>,
 SED Grievance <sedgrievance @
"Satish Kumar Rauthan" <skrauthan @>

ssc @

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