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      1. (writing) 
      Office assistants are required to be good at typing.Se requiere que los asistentes de oficina sean buenos en mecanografía.
      I want to learn a typing technique to write faster.Quiero aprender una técnica de tecleo para escribir más rápido.
      There are many data typing jobs around.Hay muchos trabajos de grabación de datos.
      2. (classification) 
      Blood typing tells you the particular blood type that you have.La tipificación de la sangre te dice el tipo concreto de sangre que tienes.
      1. (by typewriter) 
      a. la mecanografía (F) 
      2. (by word processor) 
      a. la introducción (de datos) en (F) 
      b. el ordenador or (Spain) 
      c. la computadora (Latin America) 
      typing errorerror mecanográfico
      typing paperpapel para escribir a máquina
      typing poolsección de mecanografía
      typing speedvelocidad de mecanografiado
      mecanografía (f)
      typing agency (n)agencia (f) mecanográfica
      typing error (n)error (m) mecanográfico
      typing paper (n)papel (m) para máquina de escribir
      typing pool (n)servicio (m) de mecanografía
      typing speed (n)palabras (f) por minuto (mecanografiadas)
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      1(gen)[+letter, book, essay, article]escribir

      she wrote 3 pageshe had written a dirty joke on the lavatory wallhe's writing an article about education today

      [+music, song]escribir;componer

      he's written several pieces for the piano

      he's just written another novelacaba de escribir otra novela

      he writes fiction

      write your name hereescribe or pon tu nombre aquí;how do you write his name?¿cómo se escribe su nombre?

      he can barely write his name

      he's got an essay to writetiene que escribir una redacción;she writes that she is very happy in her new lifedice en la carta que está muy contenta con su nueva vida

      to write that ...he writes that all is not well in the school

      it is written that ...está escrito que ...;to write sb a chequehacer un cheque a algn;extender un cheque a algn (formal)

      to write a letter to sbwrite sb a letterescribir (una carta) a algn

      Theresa decided to write her father a letter

      to write a note to/for sbescribir una nota a algn

      I must write a note to Mary's teachercan you write a note for the postman?to write sb a sick noteto write a sick note for sb

      to write sb a prescriptionwrite a prescription for sbhacer una receta a algn

      to have sth written all over one

      he had "policeman" written all over himse le notaba a la legua que era policía;his guilt was written all over himse le veía or notaba en la cara que era culpable;you're lying, it's written all over your face!estás mintiendo, se te nota a la legua or en la cara

      2(write a letter to)(US)

      to write sbescribir a algn

      she finally felt confident enough to write himwhy don't you pick up your pen and write me now?

      3(Comput)[+program, software]escribir

      to write sth to diskpasar algo a un disco