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Art, Craft & Design

Art, Craft & Design

The outlook for design is perhaps the most exciting area of this sector. Design is integral to business growth and development. It is a multi-faceted area spanning graphic design; digital and web design; industrial and product design; packaging design; interior and fashion design; software design; and service design. 

Demand for illustrators in areas such as computer design is increasing with new opportunities as digital publication numbers continue to grow. Design thinking is changing the way businesses operate and informing the strategies of major organisations. There are numersous opportunities to be embraced.

There is currently a wide range of design-specific and and design-related courses available in Ireland.

There is continued demand for art by private collectors and museums. Studios, galleries, and individual clients are always on the lookout for artists who display outstanding talent, creativity, and style. Talented individuals who have mastered specific artistic techniques need additional marketing skills to have the best prospects.

Opportunities for craft artists may be limited by mass-production, but interest in locally made products and craft goods is enhanced by strong tourism numbers. Many artists and designers make a living from the sale of their work alone, while others supplement their income with employment in areas related to their creative work such as teaching, lecturing or arts administration.

Research on the significance of the craft industry in Ireland estimates its contribution to the economy at €498m. The sector employs some 5,771 people and generates domestic sales of €373.5m and exports of €124.5m, with significant potential for growth (Indecon International Economic Consultants).

Employers indicate that there is a shortage of workers in the following occupations in this sector at the moment.
 Carpenter / Joiner
 Metal Fabricator

More information on skills shortages can be found in the Labour Market Informationsection of this site.

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