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Cth Level 7 Assignments Afi


The CTH Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma programmes are recognised by major organisations in the hospitality and tourism industries as suitable for employment at supervisory and management level. CTH Management Programmes have been awarded Institute of Hospitality Endorsement, (formerly the HCIMA). All learners on CTH Diploma programmes are eligible for Affiliate Membership of the Institute of Hospitality, and learners who successfully complete the CTH Advanced Diploma programmes are eligible to apply for Associate membership. The qualifications are recognised by a number of British universities.


Why Choose to work in Hospitality & Tourism Industries

Some case examples chosen :

Market Vice President and General Manager Miami

Tuni Kyi –Life experiece

Whilst studying I supported myself working as a dishwasher in a restaurant. I moved to being a short order cook and soon rose to be assistant restaurant manager.

One year later I joined the Marriott, Over the last 20 years I have held a number of positions wit new hotels being opened all over the world

From being a general manager and then two years later the area Vice President for China

Looking back I never dreamed I would attain this level of success.

Its been a great and rewarding career.

Director Of Studies LBBA Ms Shmina Mandal MBA MCIM FABE

My first few years of work was experience gained whilst working and managing a 90 bedroom hotel in Kensington, London.

Most people do not start to work as early as I did  but this became a rewarding experience as I found it to be the most exciting and memorable years of my life. All the staff including management had to be multi skilled and to be able to think quickly and practically. Every day was a different experience and never a dull moment.

Over the years of working at the hotel one important lesson I have learnt

You’ ve got to walk the talk every step of the way, because you are always on stage whether you’re behind closed doors in meetings or you’re out on the lobby floor.

And it also means leading with your heart and not your head.

Despite the many courses offered at LBBA the Hotel Management Course is close to my heart and I would advice students to embark on it knowing the potential and the exciting career progression it can involve worldwide.

“Decide what you want to do and make it happen” and we will support you.

Erica Qualls General Manager - USA

My part time telephone job led to other opportunities and then having completed my Hotel management Diploma

It lead me to the hotel’s front office, housekeeping, accounting, human resource.

And then I was offered the chance to become the assistant general manager

Today I am the General manager of a large hotel 1800 rooms and responsible for a $1oo million year operation.

I would say “its like running a small city”

Reflecting on this I tell young people take risks. Don’t allow fear to overcome your desire to move on the next level.


Albert “Smitty” Smith Marriot –Sports Ambassador

My Job has given me unbelievable opportunities …and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with some truly remarkable people.

I have worked with many sports figures and shared some exciting times with famous figures.

You could say celebrity treatment is my specialty.

Sambonn – Head bar tender

Stirred But Not Shaken

A good magician never reveals his secrets but as a bar tender my secrets are easy to share

Its having a sense of humor, warm smile and the ability to make the most colourful and exciting cocktails.

Best thing about the job is the customer interaction and over time knowing the regulars and their choice.

Why Choose CTH

·         CTH is an awarding body approved by Ofqual, DCELLS and CCEA who are the official regulators of qualifications, exams and tests in England, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively.

·         Institute of Hospitality, (formerly the HCIMA), endorses CTH Management Programmes. CTH student members are also eligible to receive a free membership with Institute of Hospitality under the "Young Person's Membership" scheme.

·         Student exam and membership fees are suitably priced

·        The Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes have three exam rounds a year to suit centre semesters and university entrance

·         Student results are issued within eight weeks of the exam week

·         Centres receive guidance and support through schemes of work and previous exam questions for lecturers

·         Successful Diploma and Postgraduate students are issued with professional certificates

·         CTH is a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, the membership body which represents organisations that award vocational qualifications in the UK

·         University recognition adds value to CTH qualifications.

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