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Adam Troy Castro Bibliography Example

Adam-Troy Castro


in The United States

May 20, 1960



Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror

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Adam-Troy Castro made his first professional sale to Spy magazine in 1987. Since then, he's published 12 books and almost 80 short stories. Among those stories are "Baby Girl Diamond" (nominated for the Bram Stoker Award) and "The Funeral March of the Marionettes" (nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards in 1998). "The Astronaut from Wyoming," a collaboration with Jerry Oltion, appeared in Analog and was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards in 2000, before winning the Seiun (Japanese Hugo) for best translation in 2008.

His "Of A Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs" was nominated for the 2003 Nebula. His original short story collections include Lost in Booth Nine (published by Silver Salamander Press in 1993), An Alien DarknesAdam-Troy Castro made his first professional sale to Spy magazine in 1987. Since then, he's published 12 books and almost 80 short stories. Among those stories are "Baby Girl Diamond" (nominated for the Bram Stoker Award) and "The Funeral March of the Marionettes" (nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards in 1998). "The Astronaut from Wyoming," a collaboration with Jerry Oltion, appeared in Analog and was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards in 2000, before winning the Seiun (Japanese Hugo) for best translation in 2008.

His "Of A Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs" was nominated for the 2003 Nebula. His original short story collections include Lost in Booth Nine (published by Silver Salamander Press in 1993), An Alien Darkness and A Desperate Decaying Darkness (published by Wildside Press in 2000), Vossoff and Nimmitz (2002), and Tangled Strings (2003). He is also the author of the Spider-Man novels—Time's Arrow: The Present (written in collaboration with Tom DeFalco), The Gathering of the Sinister Six, Revenge of the Sinister Six, and Secret of the Sinister Six—as well as the nonfiction My Ox Is Broken! The Andrea Cort novels include, Emissaries from the Dead, The Third Claw of God, and a third installment currently in progress, tentatively titled The Fall of the Marionettes.

Castro, who married the divine Judi on 25 December 2002, lives in Florida with his wife and four cats: Maggie, Uma Furman, Meow Farrow, and the latest acquisition, Ralphie, an orphan of 2005's hellacious hurricane season....more

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The Andrea Cort Series | Biblio & Rights Info
Emissaries from the Dead
The Third Claw of God
War of the Marionettes (In Germany)

The Gustav Gloom Series | Biblio & Rights Info
Gustav Gloom and the People Taker
Gustav Gloom and the Nightmare Vault
Gustav Gloom and the Four Terrors
Gustav Gloom and the Cryptic Carousel
Gustav Gloom and the Inn of Shadows
Gustav Gloom and the Castle of Fear

Humor Books | Biblio & Rights Info
Z is for Zombie
V is for Vampire

Story Collections | Biblio & Rights Info
Her Husband’s Hands and Other Stories


Praise for The Andrea Cort Series


“With its creepy background and complex plot, [this] offers an intriguing combination of SF and detective story.”


“A brilliantly executed novel, fully successful as both science fiction and murder mystery. Indeed, it evidences a writer at the peak of his career, and it shows none of the flaws one expects from first novels… EMISSARIES FROM THE DEAD is one of the best science fiction novels of the year so far, and it can be recommended especially to fans of science fiction mysteries.”

SciFi Weekly

“A uniquely absorbing read. It envelops you in a truly exotic and alien environment, and gives you a heroine to root for… It offers mystery, action, a few good jolts, and a bit of the old redemption sans mawkishness. All of the ingredients for a story sure to knock ’em dead.”

SF Reviews

“As great as I’d hoped…Cort and her universe have terrific scope for future development.”


“This is the one we’ve been waiting for: the first non-tie-in novel by one of the best short-story writers in the business. Adam-Troy Castro’s EMISSARIES FROM THE DEAD is SF at its best: Silence of the Lambs as Larry Niven might have written it. A clever, thought-provoking page-turner. Bravo!”

— Robert J. Sawyer,
Hugo Award-winning author of Rollback

“Adam-Troy Castro has given us the ultimate high-wire thriller.”

—Jack McDevitt


“The second novel in Castro’s Andrea Cort series confirms this series really is something special… These books are compulsively readable space mysteries, but they’re also hiding little packets of cleverness and substance under the surface. Highly recommended.”

“I’m particularly fond of blends of SF and the detective story, particularly when they’re as well done as this one. Castro is finally showing the promise at novel length that his short fiction has been suggesting for years.”

Critical Mass

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“In this promising series opener, a homicidal maniac stalks two children through a spooky old house that’s far larger inside than outside…The author leaves much to be explored and explained in future episodes, but fans of Unfortunate Events will be willing to wait.”


“Here’s a great read for fans of dark tales with happy endings, not to mention wonderful graphite illustrations…the eternal theme of friendship is beautifully explored in the relationship that develops between Fernie and Gustav. Castro’s well-paced story keeps readers engaged in these relationships and in the mystery that unfolds. This is a satisfying introduction for middle grade readers into the scary and dark themes that resonate so well with teens. Fans of Adam Gidwitz’s A Tale Dark & Grimm (Dutton, 2010) can add this to their list of creepy tales.”

School Library Journal

“[This] is a fun adventure novel…It’s optimistic about people, especially our ability to do the right thing, and the scariest parts are also the funniest parts. Most of all, the friendship that develops between Gustav and Fernie is really nice, and doesn’t ever put either of them in the position of sidekick or tag-along. Definitely worth picking up.”

“GUSTAV GLOOM is a very exciting story…filled to the brim with ideas that will make you ponder the concept of shadows and whether they are really alive.”

—Deseret News

“One of those books that grown children keep and pass on to their own kids.”

More Miami Guide

“Fernie and Gustav’s adventure is bizarre, wonderful, and totally engrossing. The word play, puns and the clever, sometimes tongue-in-cheek descriptions will entertain young readers and adults who are young at heart…Highly Recommended.”


“This is a great tweener horror thriller starring two delightful ten year old children… Adam-Troy Castro’s exciting tale is enhanced by Kristen Margiotta’s wonderful illustrations that affirm Gustav Gloom looks like the unhappiest child ever seen.”

Worlds of Wonder



“Castro sheds light on the past and nature of the aptly named Gloom mansion… spooky!”


Adam-Troy Castro is the author of this macabre adventure; he holds an exquisite imagination and brings a nightmarish world to life in the Gustav Gloom series.”

Kids Reads

There’s pretty much nothing not to love about a mansion filled with endlessly spooky rooms, shadows with minds (and appetites) of their own, and sweet characters with dark secrets.”


“This is an amazing book. And if you still haven’t read the first one, you need to do so right away. Because Gustav Gloom is such an amazing person, and you will all fall in love with him.”

—Carina’s Book Review

“The paranormal aspects are well-done but not over-done, and there’s enough of an overarching plot to assure readers that this isn’t a series full of one-shot adventures. And so I hereby proclaim middle-grade paranormal to be the next big trend.”

Pass the Chiclets


“Adam-Troy Castro continues to give his readers a scary story within the Gloom estate, full of shadows, dangers, mystery, and appeal.”

San Francisco City Book Reviews

“I enjoyed the book. It’s fun and full of adventures, like the first two books…I loved it all.”

Carina’s Book Review

“There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this series! It’s spooky and quirky and incredibly amusing in places. The voice sucks me right in and keeps me reading…The combination of Adam-Troy Castro’s words and Kristen Margiotta’s illustrations guide the reader on another amazing adventure through the Gloom Mansion.”

Joan Stradling

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Humor Books


“For true graphic novel aficionados or lovers of all things zombie I suggest this book wholeheartedly.”

“Fantastically illustrated… if you are a fan of all things zombie, then this is a great dry and dark humored piece for you.”

Rex Robot

“Apocalyptic alphabet awakens awesome alliteration. The narrative in this book is a lot of fun… the apocalypse begins with A, and it travels nicely throughout the book.”

Zombie Slam

“It’s dark and twisted and hilarious… The artwork complemented the story while having its own kind of fun with the subject. Long time zombie fans and anyone interested in genre will love this book.”

The Fake Steph

“Laugh out loud moments… Zombie fans will enjoy the quips regarding ammo and the kind of people you’ll be most likely struggling with for survival after the zombie uprising.”

Writing About Reading

“Like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead there is more than a little [that is] amusing about it… There are moments in some of the 26 very short stories that are amusing–some are laugh-out-loud funny.”

A Momentary Taste of Being

“It’s not the first alphabet book you’ve ever read… but it may be the last.”

—John Scalzi,
NYT bestselling author

“Z IS FOR ZOMBIE is hilarious, subversive and gruesome. You need to know your basics if you’re going to survive the zombie apocalypse. Highly recommended!”

—Jonathan Maberry,
NYT bestselling author

“It’s time to remember that the educational power of the alphabet isn’t just intended for the classroom. With Z IS FOR ZOMBIE, words and pictures marry to bring brilliant, bloody fun to your fingertips. B is for Buy this Book!”

—Mira Grant,
author of Feed

“The perfect going-away gift for the human race, Z IS FOR ZOMBIE is smart, sumptuous, excruciating undead fun.”

—John Skipp,
author of Book of the Dead


“A fun, brief book about horror.  If you are looking for an amusing, illustrated guide to the undead that also has some shock value for leaving about so your non-genre savvy friends can find it, then this is the book for you.”


“Vampire fiction fans looking for something a little unusual this summer should check out V IS FOR VAMPIRE… Stellar illustrations and a highly amusing narrative make this book as appealing to fans of vampire fiction as a nubile virgin with an unusually long neck.” (Paul Goat Allen)

“The subversive element is evident from the very first page… Castro’s witty, and detailed, descriptions reward multiple and close readings.”

SF Site

“V IS FOR VAMPIRE is a tongue-in-cheek look at the lore of those iconic creatures from the night… Castro’s prose will likely attract those people who yearn for their daily dose of Sookie Stackhouse or Edward Cullen.”

Hollywood Soapbox

“V IS FOR VAMPIRE… is an illustrated guide to the dark, dangerous, and occasionally absurd world of vampires. This slim volume makes for light bedtime reading, and is beautifully illustrated.”


“V IS FOR VAMPIRE is a celebration of wit that points out the ups and downs of life after dark, the various rules and inconsistencies attributed to said un-life, and the heroes and villains that go bump in the night. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves the classic horror movies, likes ‘conversation pieces’ on the coffee table, or just loves vampires in general.”

Zombie Slam

“The summer is winding down and you are looking for a fun, short read… I have just the ticket for you: V IS FOR VAMPIRE by Adam-Troy Castro… This is a great book to read as the beaches are closing or while you are waiting for the flight home. It is the perfect period on a long holiday. Recommended.”


“Castro heavily plays with the vampire mythos (and horror movies in general), pointing out many of the logical inconsistencies and silly cliches that infest the genre.”

Blood of the Muse

“By turns entertaining and thought-provoking, an entertaining alphabet book for those of us who love creatures of the darkness.”

—Charlaine Harris,
#1 NYT bestselling author

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“Adam-Troy Castro is also a masterful storyteller in terms of technique…HER HUSBAND’S HANDS AND OTHER STORIES is a stunning collection. Highly recommended, especially if you like a dark, not to say disturbing edge to your fiction.”

“Her Husband’s Hands and Other Stories by Adam-Troy Castro is a top class collection from one of the best prose stylists around…the best collection so far this year.”

Thinking About Books




1. EMISSARIES FROM THE DEAD (HarperCollins/Eos, 2008)
2. THE THIRD CLAW OF GOD (HarperCollins/Eos, 2009)
3. WAR OF THE MARIONETTES (Lubbe/Bastei, 2010)

  • Bk #1–WINNER of the Philip K. Dick Award! (co-winner with David Walton’s TERMINAL MIND.)
  • Audio rights (#1-3) to Audible
  • Czech rights (#1) to Argo***
  • Czech rights (#2) to Argo
  • French rights (#1-2) to Bibliotheque***
  • German rights for Bks (#1-3) to Lubbe/Bastei***
  • Hungarian rights (#1) to Gabo Kiado
  • Japanese rights (#1) to Hayakawa


1. GUSTAV GLOOM AND THE PEOPLE TAKER (Grosset & Dunlap, 2012)
3. GUSTAV GLOOM AND THE FOUR TERRORS (Grosset & Dunlap, 2013)
5. Books #5-6 under contract

  • Bk #1 a Scholastic Book Club pick — 25,000 copies sold (by G&D)!
  • Books #3 and #4 Best Children’s Books of the Year pick by Bank Street Center for Children’s Literature!
  • Czech rights (#1-2) to Argo
  • Polish rights (#1-6) to MAC Edukacja
  • Romanian rights (#1-2) to Univers Enciclopedic
  • Turkish rights (#1-2) to Epsilon
  • Bk #1 in third HC printing
  • Bk #2 in second HC printing


1. Z IS FOR ZOMBIE (Harper Voyager, 2011)
2. V IS FOR VAMPIRE (Harper Voyager, 2011)



  • #1 — Spanish anthology rights to Mondadori
  • #2 — Japanese rights to Hayakawa
  • #3 — Winner of the 2016 Locus Award for Best Novella!


***Three asterisks (***) placed after the record of a foreign territory sale indicate that those rights have expired and are available for purchase in that market for that title(s).***

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