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Vladimir Nabokov Good Readers And Good Writers Essay

Gonzalez 3 Nabokov seems to make use of imagery throughout his essay. “…they merely try to squeeze the best they can out of given order of things, out of traditional patterns of fiction” (3) is an example of a section that was given imagery with the words “squeeze” and “patterns”. Another would be, “… passionately enjoy, enjoy with tears and shivers…” (5) Found in Nabokov’s explanations as to what makes a reader a good reader. Imagery like these are found throughout the entire essay, enticing the reader to look into their own imagination and ponder each sentence read. Nabokov not only uses imagery, but encourages imagery in readers and writers, “… we must visualize the rooms, the clothes, the manners if an author’s people” (6). The use of imagery, adds to the calm effect the Nabokov has throughout the essay. Nabokov also uses rhetorical questions very much throughout his essay. Some are used one after another, others alone and with the answer found somewhere within the essay, if at all there is a clear answer. “Can we expect to glean information about places and times from a novel? Can anybody be so naive as to think he or she can learn anything about the past from those buxom best-sellers that are hawked around by book clubs under the heading of historical novels?” (3) is an example of questions thrown at the reader, to question his own reading methods or choice of literature. A total of five questions were asked throughout this paragraph, all not being clearly answered by Nabokov, but left to ponder by the reader. 5.

Vladimir Nabokov, “Good Readers and Good Writers”Directons:Chunk the paragraphs. On the lef side, bracket oF secTons discerning where the supporTng themes are. On the right side, indicate any in±erences you may have gleamed ±rom the author’s use o± rhetoric (word choice/ ±orm o± persuasion).1.What is the thesis (major theme) o± this essay? -Well, when reading the essay the thesis is not stated right away. It was as i± he wanted to know the argument to be known unTl later on so readers can decipher the purpose o± the essay. But afer gendering a bit I have come to the conclusion that Nabokov wanted to mainly point out how to be a good reader and writer through his thoughts idea and PerspecTve on how to be good one.2.What is the author’s tone? Does it change? Where and what purpose does this serve? In the²ext, use a triangle to indicate this change, i± there is one.-Nabokov tone came oF as very passionate and in±ormaTve on what he discussing in the