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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Analysis Essays

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory

We know what you're thinking. "Aww, come on, Shmoop, you really expect me to believe that there's some kind of deeper meaning in all that imaginary kid's stuff Tom and his friends do? Everybody pla...

What's Up With the Ending?

At the end of the book, Injun Joe is out of the picture. Tom and Huck are hometown heroes. Huck has saved the Widow Douglas's life, and Tom has managed to escape from the caves with Becky. The boys...


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a quick, fun read, full of adventure and hi-jinks. The book isn't without its dark moments, and the plot moves along a bit slowly at points, it's true. But it is, ul...

Steaminess Rating

Strictly kid's stuff here. For Tom, courtship consists of jumping around, showing off, and beating up other, lesser boys. He and Becky Thatcher "get married" and "kiss," but it's all in the playgro...

Analysis of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Essay

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Reason for choosing the theme

Literature plays an important part in our life. Readers through literature can gain pleasure, or develops taste and perception. Each nation has its own literature because literature reflects its own national history, cultural tradition, customs, languages and ways of living. So do English and American.

Being a student of English, it is useful for me to study English and American literature. Through the literature words I can know more about history, tradition, customs and people of these countries. Especially, my knowledge of language will be also improved. American literature is very young, though, it is independent from British literature and in fact, it has established its own…show more content…

I hope my small study on analyzing the character in the literature work will be helpful for me in enjoying and perceiving literature. In my writing, I only have the wish to talk about the character Tom Sawyer and his characteristic through "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."

Chapter I. Literary theory

I.1. What is literature?

There are different definitions of literature depending on how we enjoy it. But the most popular is "literature is humanity" of M.Gorki. Why is this definition widely-known like that? Literature, in the other words, is a great mirror that reflects life. There are all matters of life. So literature is regarded to be a twin of the real world, built up from materials from real life and it, in turn, makes attribution to the decoration of life. Literature makes man more humane. Time can destroy everything but literature. A long with time, literature work becomes more and more valuable and closer to life. It not only helps us value our life but also gives us a bunker, more sympathetic insight into the people and lives in the past as well as the future. Life is fresh, so is literature. In short, life is the source of literature and literature is the most beautiful of littering jewel to life. Literature is noble, as much as all of those who create it such as writers, poets...They are, to some extent, skillful, talented workers, who try their best to make our best literary works

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