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Figurative Language In Music Assignment Journal

Label your entry:

Title of book: The Skin I'm In

Title of entry: Figurative Language in fiction


Identify and write the type of figurative language. (simile, metaphor, idiom, hyperbole) Copy the sample line from the text! Respond to the question that follows the sample lines. Write a detailed complete thought.

______________Blobs of gum were hanging there like pretty colored snot.

______________Miss Saunders is quiet as a tiger sneaking up on its supper.

______________I have a crease in my pants sharp enough to cut somebody.

______________John-John yells, cracking up the whole class.

______________Desda’s licking her lips like they’re candy.

______________Miss Saunders is so big, there is an earthquake whenever she walks.

______________My skin was dry and ashy like tree bark.

______________Keeping Maleeka under the principal’s nose was just the way to keep her in line.

______________She wrapped my braids around her hands like boxing tape.

Think about the text: Why do you think the author, Sharon Flake, uses so many figures of speech in her writing?


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