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Family Case Study By Maglaya


N107- Family Case Study 


Sample by: Torregosa, Cyrus Dan A.Page 4





Community refers to a group of people who interact with each other; it is a social groupdetermined by geographic boundaries, common values and interest. It functions within a socialstructure, exhibits and creates norms, values, and social institution. (

Microsoft ® Encarta,2009)

In Community health nursing, one of the two major fields of nursing in the Philippines,nursing practice in the community means different things to different nurses. Its primary goal isthe promotion and preservation of health of its client that could be in the individual, family,population, group and community. In community health nursing practice includes nursingdirected to individuals, families, groups; the dominant responsibility is the population as awhole. With these, the health of the people is a reflection of the communities of which they live,play, work and learn. Communities shape the lifestyle that people adopt and their livelihood of living safe, fulfilling and productive lives.Family, basic social group united through bonds of kinship or marriage, present in allcommunities. Ideally, the family provides its members with protection, companionship, security,and socialization. The structure of the family, and the needs that the family fulfills vary fromsociety to society. The nuclear family


two adults and their children


is the main unit in somesocieties. In others, it is a subordinate part of an extended family, which also consists of grandparents and other relatives. In a community, the family is considered to be its basic unit.(

Microsoft ® Encarta, 2009)

Our community experience has been founded on the above principle. This exposure didnot only provide an avenue to apply what we have acquired in the classroom but also providedan opportunity to serve our fellowmen. Because being in the community is more than meetingthe requirements in the Related Learning Experience (RLE), it is being experience the realworld, making real memories and rendering service with competence, conscience, commitmentand care.This paper presents a case of a nuclear family of five (5) members at The Tent City,Calaanan, Cagayan de Oro City. As a community health student nurse assigned in the area, Iwas given a chance to care for a certain family. After initial survey of the place, I came acrossto the XX family.The objective of the study is to smooth the progress of putting into practice the conceptof family-oriented nursing care and make certain an organized approach in the delivery of thenursing services to the families in the community, purposely in the application of the nursingprocess. It aims to identify the health problem of a family within the community. As studentnurse, I could give and apply some nursing interventions that are applicable and attainablewithin the community health services.

The assessment phase of the nursing process generates the health and nursing problems which become the bases for the development of nursing care plan. The planning phase takes off from there.

Formulating a family care plan involves the following steps:

  1. The prioritized condition/s or problems
  2. The goals and objectives of nursing care
  3. the plan of interventions
  4. The plan of evaluating care

This is a schematic presentation of the nursing care plan process. It starts with a list of health condition or problems prioritized according to the nature, modifiability, preventive potential and salience. The prioritized health condition or problems and their corresponding nursing problems become the basis for the next step which is the formulation of goals and objectives of nursing care. The goals and objectives specify the expected health/clinical outcomes, family response/s, behavior of competency outcomes.


Nursing Practice in the Community – Maglaya 4th Ed.

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