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Siwash Hook Definition In Essay

Siwash hooks are an option that many anglers should consider when fishing in weedy areas. I have dealt with a lot of frustration when fishing weedy areas. Treble hooks that seem to catch onto everything – except for fish!

More and more anglers are choosing to change their treble hooks out in favor of siwash hooks. There are a lot of pros and cons to making this switch. In many situations, I have found that the benefits of making the switch far outweigh dealing with the frustration of fishing with treble hooks.

Pros of Siwash hooks

Decreases Snags – The most obvious benefit of switching to a siwash hook it that it makes fishing much more snag-less. The siwash hook is much less likely to catch onto timber or vegetation that  you may encounter when you are casting your bait. This lowers my blood pressure a lot when I’m fishing and makes it much more enjoyable!

Trending Now: Many manufacturers include a single hook in the package of their in-line spinnerbaits. You can easily convert your lure by cutting off the treble hook and replacing it with the single hook provided.


Easier To Remove –  The siwash hook is a lot easier to remove from the fish’s mouth. Instead of having to deal with a treble with three (3) hooks, you just have to worry about removing one (1) hook from the fish. This also saves your net. I have found that often the hooks of the treble get caught in the net and I usually end up tearing them out of the net in a rush.

It’s Safer – Having a big pike in a net and trying to remove hooks from its mouth is unnerving enough! Having it thrash and set the treble in your hand is a sure fire way of ending your day on a bad note… A siwash hook is easily removed. Simply grab it firmly by the shank with a good set of pliers and carefully tug it out. It should be far easier to remove than a treble.

Decreases Harm to Your Catch – Using a siwash hook doesn’t harm a fish’s mouth as much. There’s only one hook and its easily removed. From experience I can tell you that trebles twist and if there’s two hooks in the fish’s mouth it’s going to really harm the fish when you twist and pull that treble out. Ouch! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself “that’s gotta hurt”. Single hooks make taking them out easier and in turn will allow you to release a fish faster. This decreases mortality rates for your catches.

Better Hooksets – Siwash hooks provide better, more solid hooksets. A single hook with a swivel will have a better landing rate since fish won’t be able to create leverage by twisting and thrashing.

Easier To Manage – A single siwash hook is easier to manage. It doesn’t get caught on boat carpet, clothing, and everything else.

Cons of Siwash Hooks

Unbalances the Lure – A single hook is asymmetrical and will slightly throw off smaller inline spinnerbaits. This will produce a wobble in the bait and it may not run straight.

Hookup Ratio – A single hook may have a lower hookup ratio than treble hooks.

I keep a single hook version of all my favorite lures. There are occasions that call for treble hooks.

I definitely don’t recommend that anglers change all their trebles out with siwash hooks. Lures such as crankbaits that have a lot of action will shake their hooks around and siwash hooks on this type of bait may not help you catch fish. I also don’t swap out my hooks on any of my stickbaits. I find that there are other ways to tune them.

I have not gone ahead and switched all my baits to single hooks. I feel that there are definite benefits to having the option of throwing a bait with a siwash hook, but treble hooks still have a place in my tackle box. It will be up to each angler to decide what is important to them when considering switching to siwash hooks and whether they want to try it. I tend to throw baits with single hooks more often than not when I’m dealing with inline spinner baits.


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I’d like to say Mustad’s open eye siwash hooks are new, but they’ve actually been on the market for a few years now. I’ve tested them extensively the last two years on my salmon fishing trips and I can vouch for the sharpness and holding power of these hooks. They are float out wicked!

Mustad’s 10848 open eye siwash hook is in fact a true straight-shanked siwash hook that is manufactured with the bend of an octopus hook. There’s no need to put an offset in these hooks to increase your hook up ratio…the lethal bend is built right in.

I use 2/0 Mustad open eye siwash’s for my Vibrax spinners and 5/0’s on my Kwikfish and I’ve been very happy with the performance of these hooks.

When river flows are right I run a lot of K-15’s for king and silver salmon in the fall and most of the rivers in Washington have single hook regulations in place nowadays. That used to mean a lot of take downs and very few fish to the boat. A standard siwash hook with a plug pushing against it pushes out of a salmons jaw far too easily and no matter how well a big king salmon seemed to be hooked up, well, they’d almost always find a way to shake loose. You had to bend and tweak your hooks to make them work and half the time you’d break or weaken them in the process. Not any more!

Once you get a solid hookup with one of these hooks you’re going to end up with a salmon in the net. They are sharp as heck and the octopus style offset attached to the split ring with a heavy rolling swivel makes them hold very, very well in a thrashing salmon’s jaw.

Another advantage to these hooks is that they are manufactured with an eye that’s quite a bit larger than any other hook I’ve seen on the market. You can see the over sized eye in the first photo…it’s huge.

The big eye is perfect for making hoochie spinners because it helps to hold the mini-hoochie over the top of the hook so it doesn’t slide down. It makes rigging up hoochie spinners quick and easy.

I’m not sure if Mustad intended this, but the eye is also a lot easier to crimp.

Several saltwater charter captain friends in the Puget Sound also use these hooks exclusively on their trolling spoons and they swear by them.

I said it earlier and I’ll say it again…these are wicked hooks that have already been tested on the proving grounds by savvy fisherman.

If you need another weapon in your fall salmon arsenal this fall I suggest you give these hooks a try. Mustad’s open eye siwash hooks are a proven winner!

Rob Endsley
The Outdoor Line
710 ESPN Seattle


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