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Renault Nissan Case Study Analysis Powerpoint

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%n this alliance, Renault was  the mtr : and the /0 4uis Schweit;er was in charge " the prect$ <e launched a new plan =*>>> ?rancs= with the purpse t reduce the cst price " each vehicle and t& a capital decisin "r the "uture alliance, t recruit a deput! /0$ /arls hsn was hired in 199( and trans"rmed the =*>>> ?rancs plan= int a =2> 3illin  plan=$ /nse@uentl!, when the big prect started in 199., Renault was a strng industrial structure, with a negative debt and than& t the success " the scenic Renault, an increase " its mar&et share$ The cmpan! was in gd shape$Renault reali;ed nl! 1A " its sales ut " 0urpe and l&ed "r an internatinal *