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Assignments Online Jobs In Pakistan Karachi

Here you can read about how to get Online Jobs In Pakistan At Home without investment. In the fast life of today, everyone likes to multitask. Students want to earn money along with their studies and use their skills. Pakistan has a lot of raw talent. Youngsters are sharp and they can understand the tasks assigned to them easily. They can carry the tasks efficiently too. Online jobs are hype in these days. An online job is a way to earn easy money, without any investment. One can earn a large sum of money just by dedicating a few hours daily to the computer. The concept of online jobs in Pakistan has gained popularity in the past few years. It is a convenient way to earn money without any investment. Students can sit comfortably at their homes and manage all their expenses. There are a number of online jobs. You can choose any one of them according to your ease and skills.

Online Jobs In Pakistan At Home without investment:

There are a number of ways to earn or make money online without the fear of scammers or cyber crime. Following are the recommended examples and their explanation.

Earn From YouTube:

YouTube is the world’s second most used website. YouTube provides online job opportunities to users. You can put any kind of videos on YouTube. Likes and clicks on your channel and videos will help you earn more money. You can put any kind of videos that you like, makeup tutorials, online teaching tutorials, advertising videos or daily vlogs. Once your channel has a specific number of subscriptions, YouTube will become a partner in your channel. People make a huge amount of money through YouTube. The key is being consistent in uploading videos and make quality content.

Make Money By Blogging:

You can earn money by creating your own blog. It is the most reliable way to earn money online. In past few years blogging gaining popularity among people as it is a reliable way to earn money online. The first steps of blogging are not very easy and blog takes some time to set up. But once it sets, you can earn loads of money.

For blogging, first you have to set up your own blog free of cost. Many blogging sites are functional, like and Then choose any topic of your liking like health, news, fashion, food, photography etc., and keep writing about it. When your blog gets optimum traffic, you can join online advertisement companies like Google AdSense,, and start earning.

Micro Jobs:

Micro jobs are small tasks assigned to people by different websites. Micro tasks involve a variety of jobs, like dubbing, voice editing, freelancing, etc. These jobs are contract-based, the employer pays you as soon as the assignment completes. After completing the assignment, you can work with any other employer in a different niche. So you are not bound to a specific task. People earn up to 100 USD per assignment in micro jobs.

 Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry jobs are very easy to comprehend. All you need is some free time, secure internet connection, and a computer. Data entry jobs include copy pasting the given data on specified websites. It does not have any registration fee so it is free home-based job. You can earn a lot of money by dedicating a few hours to this job. Through this job you can earn PKR 100/- per hour. And if your typing speed is high you can earn up to 120 USD (12000 PKR) per month.

Review Writing:

These jobs include writing different product reviews. It is a very popular job among students. And it is easy too. Companies offer a large sum of money for writing product reviews. This is an effective way of advertising products. This job requires good writing skills, a secure internet connection, and free time. If you have these qualities, this job is suitable for you. Product reviews can help you earn up to 200 USD per month.

Typing Jobs:

This job requires the employee to have incredibly fast typing skills. The faster you type, the more money you will earn. You will be given certain typing tasks and you have to type them as quickly as possible. This job is ideal for those people whose typing speed is fast. There are many online companies that are offering data entry or entry work to people around the world. These companies are very well-known internationally so there is no chance of scammers.

Content Writing Jobs:

If you can write well then this is the ideal job for you. People with apt writing skills can avail this job opportunity. There are many websites like and which offer writing tasks for writers. All you have to do is to go on these websites and check out the work of your choice. These websites hire writers and assign them different tasks. Most of them require perfect grammar. So the writer should have command over grammar and English.


Websites like hire web developers, graphic designers and Adobe Photoshop experts and assign them a number of tasks. Once they assign you a task, you have to complete it in a specified time and they give you your hard-earned money. This job requires  hard work and dedication, but that is requirement of every single job. Freelancers can earn a huge sum of money per assignment.

Network Marketing Jobs:

Networking jobs are the hype these days. They are free and do not need any registration fee. This job requires the employees to have known how of V-m ware 5.52, Oracle Linux Administration, Vaeem Backup. The job aspirants should know how to read, write and speak English. They also should have a Skype ID and a fast internet connection. Jobs offered on are also a type of Network Marketing jobs.

Online Teaching Jobs:

Teaching is the most respectable of all professions. People with sound knowledge and good teaching skills can do this job. Many people seek online teachers for Quran, Islam, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Statistics. You will need a Skype or Viber ID, to communicate with your student. The salary is decided between the interested parties. Normally internationally residing Pakistanis seek online Islam, Quran and Tajweed teachers for their children, so it is a very good opportunity for many.

Online writing jobs is basically a home based job in which the writer gets paid just spending some hours on its home computer. The Internet serves as a database middleman which offers a number of companies and sites to the writer who is in need to of a job. Some of the companies demand some registration fee which will be returned back after a limited time period. Some companies ask for the samples before hiring, just to know the writer’s caliber. Online writing jobs are of many types which include article writing jobs, blog writing, content writing, academic writing and SEO writing etc.

Article writing is the best and the most important online job for students. This job is most common and popular among students who want to earn some pocket money for themselves. But the online writing jobs are preferred to those who are fluent in English, proficient and have the capability to meet the deadlines. Students can earn up to 30,000 if they are truly dedicated to this job. Students need an internet connection, a computer and electricity just to perform this job. In this job, students are given different topics and they have to write articles on it but there is a condition that the article should be written in good English, unique and plagiarism free.

Online Writing Jobs For Students In Pakistan

Another popular and famous online writing job is the Blog writing. This online job is far different from other writing jobs like article writing / academic writing. This job is quite interesting as students can earn quite a big amount by performing this job. This job is good for those students who want to keep themselves busy in leisure time.

There is another online writing job which is an academic writing. This job is quite difficult from other writing jobs as academic writing includes essay writing, book and report writing, research article or research paper, academic journal and conference paper, Dissertation and Thesis etc. students do academic writing for international students and in return, they get paid for this. Different sites act as a medium to communicate the writer and a student.

In Online writing jobs, students define their selective work hours and meet directly with the client, select the desired work and get paid. They can also share their work with the world and get maximum job opportunities.The best part of this online jobs is students do not need any experience to join this system.

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